In-Person Classes Start August 26th, 2024

In-Person Classes Start August 26th, 2024



How much do courses cost?

Education should be affordable and manageable—and with no hidden fees. Each section below covers the basic information you need to know about the cost for your classes as well as any additional information about housing and dining costs you might have while attending in-person classes. It’s important to note that the information below is an estimate of the total costs for students. Your personal costs for classes and college experience may vary. Estimate what your cost of attendance might look like with our Net Price Calculator.


Cost per credit (in-person): $375
Cost per course (in-person): $1,125 (Three credits)

Estimated Yearly Program Cost for 2024/2025

Unity Environmental University at PinelandBaccalaureate Courses
Annual Costs for 30 Credits$11,250
Course Materials$800


Estimated Annual Total$16,389

Additional Costs:

  • Coverage begins on July 1 and terminates on June 30 for the Annual Term. The Annual Term premium is $2,979.
  • The health insurance fee can be waived if the student is covered by another plan. After a student enrolls, they cannot cancel the insurance Housing and Dining options to be announced in May 2024.
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