In-Person Classes Start August 26th, 2024

In-Person Classes Start August 26th, 2024

Business Administration in Regenerative Tourism

Business Administration in Regenerative Tourism

Business Administration in Regenerative Tourism

Business Administration in Regenerative Tourism

Bachelor of Science

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Problem-based, Solution-oriented

With exploding interest in sustainable tourism, there are growing needs for eco-tour guides, regenerative hospitality specialist, sustainable destination managers, and tourism entrepreneurs. The in-person bachelor’s degree program in Regenerative Tourism offers a dynamic curriculum centered on sustainability, environmental stewardship, and ethical tourism practices, propelling students towards fulfilling careers in this burgeoning field. By immersing students in practical learning experiences encompassing environmental accounting, sustainable finance, strategic management, and ecological tourism, alongside a program-specific internship providing invaluable hands-on experience, this program equips graduates with the expertise and skills needed to thrive in shaping the future of responsible tourism and making a positive impact on the world.

Business Administration in Regenerative Tourism Highlights


Environmental Foundation

Gain key scientific perspectives on environmental issues.
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One-on-One Research

Career mentoring opportunities.


Applied learning modeled around real world scenarios.

Flexible Learning Options

Work with dedicated instructors on-location or online.
Gardening, community service and people volunteering in park, garden and nature for sustainability. Climate change, happy team and tree plants in sand for earth day project, growth and green ecology

Communication Skills

Gain visual and media skills.

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What Students Study

In a Business Administration in Regenerative Tourism degree, students will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills essential for promoting sustainability and social responsibility in the tourism industry. They will learn about Environmental Accounting to assess and manage environmental impacts, while also exploring Financing a Sustainable World to understand innovative financial models. Understanding the Sustainable Business Landscape equips students to navigate the intersection of business and sustainability, and Strategic Management for Social Change focuses on driving positive impact while maintaining profitability. Additionally, courses such as Global Supply Chain Operations, Environmental Marketing and Branding, and Tourism as an Integrated System provide insights into greening business practices, communicating sustainability initiatives effectively, and understanding the interconnectedness of various stakeholders within the tourism sector.

Sample Course Offerings within the Major:


Earn your degree. Unlock new opportunities!

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Average starting salary for a Sustainability Specialist Advisor


Expected job openings for Sustainability Specialist in 2024-2026

Degree Requirements and Courses

The Tourism Destination Management degree requires 120 credits. You may transfer up to 90 credits from outside institutions. For more details, browse our Tourism Destination Management degree checklist. View our full course catalog for a better look into your program, then apply online for free to get started.

How much does it cost?

Your online education should be affordable and manageable. Our team of distance education concierges will work with you through the admissions process to help you plan and pay for your degree. Learn more about the costs here.

How fast can I finish?

Our comprehensive 120-credit program can be tailored to fit your schedule and goals! Completion time is flexible, determined by the number of credits you choose to take each term (8 terms/year) and less time with transfer credits. Without transfer credits, you can anticipate the following completion times:

  • 24 credits/year: Complete in just 5 years
  • 30 credits/year: Achieve your degree in 4 years
  • 48 credits/year: Fast-track your education in only 2.6 years
What courses will I be taking?

For course requirements, view our full course catalog or the Tourism Destination Management program flyer for a better look into your program. Then apply online for free to get started.

What is Tourism Destination Management?

Tourism Destination Management is about making tourism, including eco-tourism and adventure tourism, good for the environment and the people who live in tourist destinations. It focuses on making sure that when people travel, they don’t harm the places they visit. Instead, tourism helps local communities and protects nature. This way, tourism can be a positive force for everyone involved.

Program Features

High Value EducationNationally recognized for the quality of our programs delivered at an affordable price.

Social Mobility: Unity ranks in the top 15% of colleges in the U.S. for fostering upward mobility.

Sustainability Core: All programs are committed to sustainable practices, preparing you for a future of environmental awareness in all fields.

Flexible Learning: Balance work and education effortlessly by choosing when and where you want to study.

Flexible Start Dates8 start dates per year allows you to control your schedule

Personalized GuidanceBenefit from individualized academic and professional advising, where we are dedicated to turning your career and academic aspirations into tangible achievements.

Transfer-Friendly: Shorten your academic timeline, since we accept up to 90 credits to value your prior academic achievements.

Ready to Learn More?

Fill out the form below to speak with someone at Unity about the Distance Education programs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Experts in the Field

At Unity Environmental University, our faculty is composed of a wide range of environmental science experts who in addition to teaching, conduct their own research and various fieldwork.

Dr. Lydia Horne

Subject Matter Expert

Embark on a journey into the heart of ecology with Lydia—Maine’s native explorer turned environmental expert! From childhood adventures in the woods to a career unraveling nature’s mysteries, Lydia’s story is a testament to the passion for conservation that began in her backyard.

Armed with an M.S. in forest resources and a Ph.D. in ecology and environmental sciences, Lydia dives into the impact of climate change on Maine’s coastal tourism. As a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Northern Colorado, she delves into how students grasp complex concepts, shaping the future of STEM education.

Ready to blend outdoor exploration with cutting-edge environmental studies? Lydia is your guide to a world where learning comes alive!


Seek out knowledge.
Learn from leaders.


John Heather

Baccalaureate Adjunct Faculty

Nathaniel Saul

Baccalaureate Adjunct Faculty

Victoria Parker

Baccalaureate Adjunct Faculty
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