In-Person Classes Start August 26th, 2024

In-Person Classes Start August 26th, 2024

Aquaculture and Marine Sustainability

Aquaculture and Marine Sustainability

Aquaculture and Marine Sustainability

Aquaculture and Marine Sustainability

Bachelor of Science

Make a difference for a more sustainable world

For those interested becoming a Marine Biologist, Aquaculture Scientist, Habitat Restoration Specialist, Water Quality Advisor, or even exploring entrepreneurial ventures in this emerging field, this degree path is a good fit to help you realize your goals.  The in-person bachelor’s degree program in Aquaculture and Marine Sustainability offers an immersive experience where students delve into a world of exploration and discovery, blending rigorous coursework with real-world application. Through a mandatory internship, students not only gain practical hands-on skills but also cultivate a deep understanding of aquaculture principles, marine biology, and sustainable techniques. This dynamic learning environment equips students with the expertise and confidence needed to embark on exciting and impactful careers in the vibrant field of aquaculture and marine sustainability, where they can make a tangible difference in preserving our oceans and aquatic ecosystems for future generations.

Aquaculture and Marine Sustainability Highlights

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Dedicated research facilities.


Faculty mentoring opportunities.


Applied learning modeled around real world scenarios.

Real World Applications

Master ecosystem processes and human-environment interactions that address the world's environmental problems.
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Flexible Learning Options

Work with dedicated instructors on-location or online.

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Sample Course Offerings within the Major:


Earn your degree. Unlock new opportunities!

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Average starting salary for a marine biologist


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Experts in the Field

At Unity Environmental University, our faculty is composed of a wide range of environmental science experts who in addition to teaching, conduct their own research and various fieldwork.

Dr. Tanya Lubansky

Instructor of Marine Biology

Dive deep into the world of marine wonders with Dr. Tanya Lubansky, where ocean exploration meets career inspiration. Armed with a B.S. from Wheaton College and a Ph.D. from Rutgers University, she unveils the secrets of humpback whales in the Gulf of Maine. Dr. Lubansky’s not just an educator; she’s a career catalyst, drawing on her diverse experiences in nonprofits and tourism to shape the next generation.

Join the marine revolution and let Dr. Lubansky guide you to a sea of possibilities!


Seek out knowledge.
Learn from leaders.


Neysa Foy Gabriel

Baccalaureate Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Janelle Hrycik

Distance Education Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Elisa Livengood

Baccalaureate Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Tanya Lubansky

Baccalaureate Assistant Professor of Marine Biology and Sustainable Aquaculture

Dr. Anthony Overton

Baccalaureate Adjunct Faculty
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